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What Does His Favorite Sex Pose Reveal Feelings About You?

Men who love the missionary position in sex in life are strictly in keeping with the rules, are faithful and gentle partners that will not disappoint you. But definitely, such men are not boring.

In this position, his attention is focused on his partner, and there are eye contact, hugs, kisses. If you want stability and change of gentleness, such a man is the perfect choice for you, said the body’s expert, Jan Hargrave.

The position of a snail-shaped jug!

The posing of a spoil or the position where you both lie on your side, with it behind you, reveals a man who is constantly seeking confirmation of the woman’s feelings. This position allows for special intimacy, indicating that your man is a sensible type, explained Hargrave.

Doggy style does not emotionally reveal it!

If your man likes doggy style, he really likes to dominate, be an alpha man and he does not want to be too emotionally open. Since there is no eye contact in this position, it actually does, because it is so secure. This pose does not scream for emotions that speak of love and respect, and if it insists on that position, it is possible that it has problems with self-confidence.

If a woman is up, it is important for her husband and her pleasure!

Although most men like this pose most, she does not say much good about them. If your man insists on it, he does not really want to invest too much but lets you play the game. Lack of ambition and motivation does not only apply to sex, but to other parts of life as this man is usually accustomed to serving him all.

But if he does not only insist on this position but is one of his favorites, he is a playful imagination and such a man will be able to provide his partner with a lot of fun.

Samurais is a sign that he is happy about it!

The position in which a woman is lying on her abdomen, and the man is crazy about sex in the so-called. the sign is that he is comfortable with you and that he is happy about it, explained Dr. Audrey Nelson, a communications expert.

Close contact for men who like gentleness!

If your man is attracted to sex, he wants more intimacy. Namely, it attracts you to the most sensitive part of the door, the veil, which is a sign of confidence and tenderness. Such a guy actually loves a partner deciding everything, explained the expert of nonverbal communication and author of the book “Love Signals,” Dr. David Givens.YOU MAY LIKE

If he leaves after sex, he is afraid of the obligation!

If the man immediately after sex gets away from you, the sign is that he does not want the obligations. This move creates a safe distance from you, both psychic and emotional, Givens pointed out.

Lying on the hip after sex reveals the possessor!

If, after sex, lies with you in the pose of a spoon, or on your side, the man is completely crazy for you, but also a bit possessive. In this position, he is hiding, indicating dominance. However, if you want to pamper yourself, but then you’re behind him, this position reveals someone who loves others to care for him.